7 portable quick fix lunches for work or school

Wraps are my absolute favourite thing to throw together and take to work because they're just so easy, you can take a packet of tortillas and a box of filling and just go nuts! I feel like usually if you google easy lunch recipes you get immensely complicated things that usually require a ton of prep and so here are my lazy ideas. Check out more no bs easy lunch ideas.

1. Chorizo, egg and cheese wrap. This one is a little less lazy, basically the night before or first thing in the morning (or just whenever?) throw some raw eggs in a steamer for 14 minutes, take these to work along with some chorizo and cheese - I like anything strong for this (jalapenos if you're fancy) and chuck them in a wrap for lunch when they'll have cooled down. I'm pretty lazy so rather than slicing the eggs I just cut them into quarters or so and line them up and add some chilli sauce/powder. If you don't have a steamer basket, I've got my makeshift method at the bottom. Use a fried egg with salt/pepper or chicken seasoning if you can be bothered.

2. Spicy Chicken Wraps. I've posted this before but the tastiest/laziest wrap filling is just breaded chicken fillets for me,I buy frozen hot and spicy chicken fillets from Tesco £1.50 for 4 fillets, then throw them in the oven for 30 mins as soon as I get up, go shower/get ready, then put them in a plastic box to bring to work. I add chopped lettuce and mix chilli powder and mayo to make something similar to a KFC Zinger chicken, it works well with burger buns too but I find that isn't as easy for work.

3. Hoisin duck wrap. I know it isn't traditional but I think with a generous amount of hoisin sauce this is as good as the normal duck pancakes. My mum buys a whole duck and roasts it herself which is delicious but I just go to the local chinese supermarket and buy a whole or half roast duck, I can then take a box with a bunch of duck and some cucumber to work, add a dollop of hoisin sauce and chilli oil and voila - the taste of Beijing! You could also do this with chicken or turkey in a grill yourself for a cheaper option, its still awesome with hoisin sauce.

4. Lazy BBQ chicken wrap. I buy these or frozen chicken goujons for £2.25-£3/kilo, put them in the oven for 12-14 mins and then eat them with BBQ sauce in a tortilla, sweet chilli sauces are great for this as well, add lettuce to a sweet chilli chicken wrap to make it seem a little healthier. Make a sort of burrito out of it by cutting the chicken up, and adding rice and cheese.

5. Pita bread pizza. If I'm up early I'll put some pizza sauce type stuff on but usually I put the pita bread on the tray, throw some cheese/sweet chilli sauce on, pepperoni/jalapenos/cooked chicken, anything I have in on top, bake for 10 mins or so while I'm showering or until the cheese has melted, pull them out, let them cool while I get dressed then box them and take them to work.

6. Hard boiled eggs with cheese. Hard boiled eggs aren't exactly the epitome of quick but I've recently got a steamer (US link) and so I just throw like 10 eggs into it for around 15-16 mins in the middle tier the night before, put them in cold water then into the fridge then grab them in the morning.
Take some grated cheese in a tupperware box with your eggs, maybe some salad cream or mayonnaise and these are great on a wrap, in a bun/bap or as a sort of keto meal.

7. Spinach, cheese and bacon puff pastry swirly things. OK so these aren't really quick to make as they have a somewhat long baking time but they are delicious and definitely portable, I like them enough that I can be bothered to make them on Sunday for Monday/Tuesday. You basically just need cheese, bacon, spinach and puff pastry. It takes around 10 mins to prep and 20 minutes in the oven, though YMMV see my recipe here for more info.

If you don't have a steamer basket or whatever people use, what I've been doing is using a big saucepan with a few inches of boiling water then putting the grill mesh thing from the oven on top (don't buy that, its a rip off, I just wanted the picture), and a big one of these upside down on top, as long as it covers the opening of the saucepan fully you should be good. See picture on the right hand side.