10 Essential Items for Success in Pokemon Go

1. Battery Packhttp://amzn.to/29Qsjyn One of the most important ones is a battery bank because Pokemon Go is just a horrible drain on battery, I feel like my phone battery dies in about 1 hour playing Pokemon Go, so I'm always carrying my battery bank around nowadays when I'm playing. Click here to read my article on the best battery packs for US players, and this is my article on the best deals on UK amazon. Many battery packs also have a flashlight included for when you're caught in the dark, I've got this one which is amazing.

While you're waiting for your battery pack, sign up for Google Play Music using your Google Opinion Rewards survey money if you're on Android (I got 3 month subscription for 99 cents) and you can download unlimited music. If music isn't so much your thing, sign up for a free Audible trial for 30 days and you'll get a free audiobook of your choice. Audiobooks/podcasts are great when you're on the move, hiking, walking or even just driving.

2. Comfortable walking, running or just general exercise shoes. 
I know its great to look fashionable but blistered, sore feet are not cool and it'll hamper your next day's adventuring. These Tesla Men's Lightweight shoes are really good for walking and running as they're flexible and really good for the price. You can also consider getting an insole, this is the best selling insole in the UK which is a little on the pricey side but it really helps. If you're in the US I was in a running store and got fitted for some of these which I love, they're quite expensive so I change them between my regular and running shoes.

3. Lightweight bag or backpack

A light bag is almost a must when it comes to hunting Pokemon, especially if you're going to be out for a few hours, you can get a backpack with lifetime warranty for just $16, its can also be folded into a zippered inner pocket to fit anywhere, and it weighs less than half a pound.

For fellow Brits the best deal I've found has been this Trespass Ruck Sack for just 15 pounds, if you don't need to take much stuff with you or you're in a group with friends you can also consider this Mountain Warehouse 10 Litre rucksack for 10 quid.

4. Enough water
I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to get enough water especially if you're active all day. In the warm months if you are walking all day you should carry/drink around a gallon a day, a good general rule of thumb is 500ml of water per hour that you will be walking if it is hot.

You can get a Nalgene 1 Quart bottle for under $10 here, they're made 100% free of BPA, can be used for warm and cold beverages, and they are such solid bottles - they will last you years! You can also get a Brita Filter Water Bottle for under 10 pounds.

5. A bike

Some purists won't approve of cycling rather than walking but if you want to catch as many pokemon as possible a bike is a great addition to your kit. They don't need to be expensive as you can visit the local used bike store/repairs shop or look on Gumtree as sometimes people give away more or less functional bikes. Brits you can get a brand new bike on Amazon for under 100 pounds, or probably on gumtree used for 50.

5.5. Bike helmet

Don't forget the bike helmet! Especially because your full attention isn't necessarily on the road, a helmet is a necessity to prevent a collision turning fatal.

If you don't mind looking absolutely fabulous this pink/purple helmet is $10 and it will keep you protected, treat it like your cool pokemon baseball cap but a little less cool.

6. First Aid Kit
 Even if all you have is a few band-aids you will still be better able to help someone, it might be a fellow Pokemon Go (please still help them even if they're not on your team), or just another person in need. By being responsible and carrying a first aid kit you can probably help lots of people while on your journeys and it will be nice for any grazes, cuts and scratches you get on your adventures.

7. Car Phone Holder or Bike Mount

I really can't recommend you play Pokemon Go in the car while driving but as I think people will do it anyway, a phone holder is a great thing as that way at least both of your hands are available rather than possibly having to juggle your phone around, or dropping it and making a sudden movement to catch it on reflex. If you can resist just please don't play and drive - keep the roads safer for everyone.

A bike mount is going to be really useful if you're cycling around between PokeStops and gyms - this is the US best selling Bicycle Handlebar holder, it fits many different phones and it uses 2 butterfly bands to keep your phone secure. A similar thing is available in the UK.

8. Sunscreen

Even if the sun is not very bright and it isn't very warm outside you should still wear sunscreen if you're going to be exposed, a spray on sun block is so easy and quick to apply and it shields you from most of the harmful UV rays. Wearing sunscreen also reduces the risk of developing various skin cancers including melanoma.

Lots of people wear sun block every day which I think is a bit excessive but you can get moisturizers that also provide a small SPF like this. In the UK this is probably my favourite sunscreen.

9. Snack/food
It may be difficult to remember when you're on your own Pokemon adventure trying to catch em all before more are brought out, but take some high energy snacks and make sure you eat well before you leave. When I'm in California I like to buy snack packs like this of trail mix that are really easy to just grab and go, otherwise sometimes I put them together myself and just pour them into baggies.

The pic to the left is a really good deal if you don't mind having to portion it out otherwise you can make your own cereal bars or something.

10. A Cool T-Shirt... Ahem I mean extra clothes
An awesome T-shirt is practically a must for your Pokemon Adventure, there are loads of really cool T-shirts for sale online already, you can show your support for your team or your favourite Pokemon. At night time consider adding a high vis band or vest to avoid any accidents and make yourself more visible to cars, it isn't as cool but it saves lives! Bring a hoodie or a sweater in case the weather turns bad, and maybe a big blanket to sit on by a lure.

Check out my post on the coolest T-shirts and Merchandise that is currently available! If you disable Adblock Plus just on this website there's a carousel of some different items on UK Amazon at the bottom of this page, I don't have any popups just small banner ads.