The coolest Pokemon Go T-shirts and Merch

For UK Pokemon Trainers, scroll down :)

The best T-shirts on US Amazon

1. PokeBall T-Shirt

Classic, stylish and cheap as well, you can get this in most sizes for under $15

Some other PokeBall themed T-shirts are this grey one from a big Pokemon retailer, this black "Gotcha" shirt (great for going on the pull) and this awesome 100% cotton T-shirt.

2. Awesome patterned T-Shirts/tops with big designs on them

I'm a big fan of the various team T-shirts as I just think they look really cool, don't be mean to other people just because they picked another primary colour to you though. This one is a cool crossover shirt with "House Mystic" on it.

I also like this charmander top, and the bulbasaur one. I think these two tshirts are really cool as well, featuring Eevee and Pikachu. Declare your favourite Pokemon today with a giant one emblazoned on your chest!

3. "So Confused" T-shirt, this is super cute!

You can support one of the less popular pokemon, it comes in like 5 different colours and is 100% cotton, they don't seem to know what pokemon is though because it is tagged mostly as a confused duck tshirt, with few mentions to Pokemon or Psyduck!

There is also this really nice eevee T-shirt that comes with her evolutions in the background, and a simple and classic gym owner T-shirt.

4. "Valor in the streets, Mystic in the sheets"
Honestly it doesn't make much sense to me but it looks pretty cool so I'm including it here, if you want to show your team support there is also this range of Team Instinct T-shirts, and this Team Valor T-shirt.

For bonus points this Sleeveless Zip-up Hoodie looks pretty cool, and

you can get a nice soft Umbreon onesie as well.

The best of UK Amazon

1. Evolutions of Pokemon T-shirts
I really like these fun tshirt ranges that show a number of different Pokemon evolutions, you can get Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Caterpie, or Ghastly (and it shows them going through all their evolutions).

Pikachu phone case it even has ears! It isn't that practical for day to day use but it is a great conversation starter while you're out hunting for Pokemon. If you have an iPhone 5s there is also this slim case or one of these awesome glowy cases.

2. Gengar face T-shirt

I like this one because it isn't too overtly nerdy - if someone knows nothing about Pokemon it is pretty subtle and could be any other graphic tee, and it looks pretty cool as well. Anyone in the know (which is most people lets face it) will know exactly which mischievous/malicious Pokemon this is.

This square themed Tshirt has Pikachu, Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Charmander on black cotton, it has a crew neck and it is surprisingly non-tacky. They claim it is a licensed Pokemon tshirt.

3. Mosaic PokeBall Tshirt
This T-shirt is made up of lots of silhouettes of the different pokemon making up the mosaic effect, its handprinted in the UK and is a bargain for £7.

You can also support your team with a team instinctteam valor, or team mystic T-shirt, watch out though as I think some people take it a bit over the top so make sure you're always aware of your surroundings, be careful at night and stay safe. If you're Switzerland, get this Tshirt with all three teams on it.

4. Other Cool Merchandise
University of Kanto Hoodie I like this Hoodie as it looks good like the usual College/city hoodies, it has good quality printing and has been well reviewed. There is also this Puma parody with Pikachu and the text "Pika", you can see if anyone notices when you're wearing it out and about.

This Charmander plush hooded sweater jacket with a tail is really cute and is a lot less saggy than a lot of onesies on sale, they have some other Pokemon as well but this is the nicest one.


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