11 easy ways to save money every day

1. Go to the library. Rather than buying books you want to read, consider going to the Library, signing up for a free trial of Audible, or a charity shop - books don't need to be pristine and paperbacks go for £1-1.50 in most charity shops! Once you've read a book you can swap it online with someone else for a book of theirs you haven't read using Readitswapit.

2. Turn off your appliances when not in use. Many households leave their gadgets in a non-active or standby state and according to the Energy Saving Trust, across the UK between £50 and £86 is spent a year on inactive gadgets. Turning your TV off completely rather than putting it in standby isn't much hassle for that much savings, laptops and PCs are also big energy users, so turn them off rather than putting them to sleep.

3.  Sign up for loyalty cards. Tesco's ClubCard, Sainsbury's Nectar Card and M&S Club loyalty card are just some of the different cards that can offer you savings. Tesco gives you one point for £1 spent, and they will also send vouchers every 3 months for your points balance, you can also spend these with Tesco Boost to get even higher savings. Even your local coffee shops's loyalty card for a free coffee every 8 or 10 is a nice discount and free bonus.
4. Save on alcohol. Especially for students and young people, there are a number of ways to save money that are drinking related. A "treble" for £3 seems like a good deal until you remember that you can buy a whole bottle of vodka for less than £15, translating to 40 shots worth. Pre-drinking at home with purchased drinks and mixers can be a fun and cheap way to spend time with people, it is more social and you can play drinking games. Otherwise you can have a whole house party to save everyone money. Consider having a dry month or two (around your exams might be a good time), as you don't really need to go to the pub to enjoy yourself, check your local free activities out.

5. Do surveys in your free time to earn money and rewards, if you have an android device Google Opinion Rewards is a nice way to pay for your apps and music, in less than a year I've made more than £20 from doing their quick surveys, and I have used this to pay for a play music subscription and quite a few apps.

6. Save on subscriptions like Netflix and Spotify. You should always ensure you are sharing a Netflix account with the maximum number of people to ensure you are saving as much money as possible, if you have an account ask friends and family if they would like access to it, and to chip in a little money a month. If you mostly listen to music at home where you have wifi consider unsubscribing from Spotify Premium, or changing services to benefit from the deals, e.g. Google Play Music 99p for 3 months, as you don't need to be able to listen offline if you have a wifi connection anyway.

7. Leave your TV licence behind. In this day and age do you really need it? If you watch Netflix and Lovefilm you don't need a licence, and BBC iPlayer, ITV Player and Channel 4 on Demand are all free if you are watching shows that have already been broadcast. For almost £150 a year it doesn't seem worth it to have a normal TV any more. If you don't have Netflix etc. yet, consider a trial of Amazon Video which provides much the same service but with a really great variety of different shows and films.

8. Take public transport or carpool to save money. Cars are expensive so websites like Gocarshare and Liftshare can be a handy way to cut costs when travelling. Drivers can select how much of a contribution they would like for the petrol costs and passengers can save a lot in comparison to train fares.

9. Grow your own herbs for your kitchen. You can buy plants in your local supermarket for a few pounds and they will last for weeks or months, giving you fresh herbs and something nice and green to look at, whereas buying the cut herbs cost up to a pound each and must be used within a few days. Even buying a coriander plant for £3 you get more than 10 packets worth of coriander and it is very rewarding seeing your plant growing and flourishing.

10. Plan your days out in advance. By checking prices and using sites like Groupon and Wowcher you can find deals and discounts for activities, food and drink, travel and events, there are many different options available for a massive discount. Similarly for activities check what deals they have on, my local bowling alley is normally £4 per person per game but Monday to Wednesday evenings it is only £2, and £1.50 for students!

11. Don't buy your textbooks new! I bought all of my textbooks from Amazon for £0+ £2.80 shipping, I used Prime Student 6 month trial then forgot to cancel the subscription and when I emailled them about it they immediately cancelled it and refunded me, legends! The above link will also let you sign up for a 30 day trial of Prime for Unlimited One-Day Delivery, Prime Video, and Prime Music. Once you're done with the textbooks you can sell them on Amazon, your local Facebook pages or Gumtree for a profit potentially.