AirBnB inspired - Make these meals in the microwave, ovenless cooking

So I'm going a bit nuts at the moment just using the microwave/using the microwave on grill setting (why does it take like 3x the time that a normal grill would take even though its on full blast?), so here's some things I've been eating that you can make without having access to an oven. This is good for hotels/travelling too!

Various ways of cooking eggs

  • Poached egg in a mug - fill a mug with water, crack the egg into the water, microwave for 90s-120s depending on how solid you want it to be, you can do 90 then poke a fork/knife into it and see how you like the consistency (I usually do 30 sec intervals because I'm a wimp)
  • Paris Las Vegas Toast - cut/tear up a piece of bread, mix it with egg/salt/little butter and microwave until egg has solidified a bit. 
  • Mug scrambled eggs - cover inside of mug with oil/non stick spray stuff, crack the egg into it and mix up with a fork, add in some salt, pepper, chili powder, maybe a bit of jalapeno if you're feeling fancy. Microwave in 15s intervals until its the consistency you like, unless you like your eggs runny as hell - in that case at least make sure it is somewhat cooked. Add some milk if you'd like, depending on microwave power it might be 30s intervals, stir in between.
  • Quasi-omelette - cover the inside of a bowl with oil/non stick spray/whatever you use for cooking, flatter bottomed bowls are nice for this. Crack an egg in, add some milk and mix. I put in ham, and cheese then cook for around 1 minute with a plate on top. Usually I will cut up some pieces of bacon into the bowl and cook those for a little while first then put egg on top for for bacon-y goodness. Eat this on toast, in a tortilla with even more cheese, jalapenos, maybe some avocado, or maybe on a toasted teacake?
Microwave potato
  • Jacket potato - Wash and poke holes in potato, then nuke for around 10 minutes in the microwave, turning over halfway through and wiping it dry if you'd like a more crispy skin, less for a medium potato. For toppings I like tuna and mayo as they're both happy enough out of the fridge, sweetcorn if I think I can finish the tin in a reasonable amount of time.
  • Sweet potato - Wash and poke holes with fork or knife, wrap in a damp kitchen towel (the white paper kind), microwave for around 8 minutes depending on how fat it is. I just peel a bit of skin out then scoop it out and eat it with a spoon, classier people cut it in half and eat with salt etc.
  • Mashed potato - Same as the jacket potato one, add a little water to the plate/bowl you're cooking it in/on, cook for a minute or two extra, until softer, then mash up and add salt, butter, pepper and cheese mmm.
Misc other nice things
  • Oatmeal - Dry classic oatmeal and water at a ratio of around 1:1.5 or 1:2, microwave for 3 mins at half power, then add whatever, I like honey or brown sugar and then whatever else I have around.
  • Pasta - Make sure this is in a microwave safe bowl or whatever, stir every 2 minutes and it should take a similar time to cooking it on the hob.
  • Kind of toasted subway sandwich- Cover a sub roll with whatever toppings you're interested in/have available, for me this is salami/pepperoni/ham/chorizo. Clean the iron REALLY THOROUGHLY, press hot iron onto toppings, I add the cheese to the other side of my sandwich later so that it doesn't melt and stick to the iron. For salami etc. I really like this as I feel like it tastes different/nicer with the oil oozing out and the sides curling in.
  • Sometimes I just buy a nice soft baguette/sub roll, a bit of brie and eat that, this isn't really cooked food though. 
  • If you've got your whole house in an AirBnB room like me, Chocolate mug brownie - melt 2tbsp butter in microwave, add 2tbsp water, a splash of vanilla extract and a bit of salt, mix with a fork. Add 1-2tbsp cocoa powder and 4tbsp caster sugar and whisk. Add 4tbsp plain flour and mix again, microwave for 60s, check it (skewer/fork to see if anything sticks), keep going in 15-30s intervals, don't let it burn. 
  • Nutella microwave cake - 4tbsp nutella, egg, 3tbsp flour, whisk it to hell, microwave for 1 minute in a mug
  • Cheese on toast/beans on toast/cheese and beans on toast - toast bread lightly, butter it if you have some, throw some cheese on top, microwave for 30s. If wanting cheese&beans, cook baked beans in microwave for around 2 mins first, add a little water to it and stir every 30s, pour beans on top of cheesy toasty goodness.
  • Guacamole - it doesn't keep for very long without a fridge but it doesn't need to be cooked, I make it pretty salty/spicy and put it with everything, see my recipe here.