Destiny 2 free to keep forever if you claim before Nov 18th, here's the actual link with no BS

Rather than reading through articles full of BS, here is the link to claim Destiny 2 for free

Change the 2 letters before account to the relevant ones for your region if needed. Enjoy!


What is Destiny 2?

It's on online, multiplayer FPS game, with options between PvE and PvP, "strikes" which are three-player content, and six-player raids.

You take on the role of a Guardian, a protector of the Last City on Earth from a variety of alien races.

What do I get?

The base game of Destiny 2 is upwards of £20, higher when buying expansions. This offer means that you get the full base game of Destiny 2, not as a trial version.

Why should I bother?

It takes you literally less than 30 seconds to claim Destiny 2 assuming you already have a account, you may as well just in case you ever feel like playing it.

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