A lazy person's weekend - 10 meals and 2 snacks for less than £12

I used to have a half day on Fridays so I'd start this off as soon as I got home, you'll get at least 2 meals of chicken breast in wraps, 2 "roast dinner" type meals of chicken leg, potatoes, parsnips and veggies of your choice, 2 unhealthy snacks and around 6 meals from the congee depending how thick you make it.

Ingredients :
  • 1 large whole fresh raw chicken approx 2kg £5.50  
  • 1 tbsp salt £0.10
  • 1 pack of tortillas £1
  • Sauce of choice e.g. BBQ, sweet chilli, hot sauce £0.10
  • 1/2 tbsp olive/vegetable/other oil £0.20
  • 200g grated cheese £1
  • 1kg potatoes £1
  • 500g parsnips or other veg (I like onions) to roast £1
  • 1 inch fresh ginger £0.30
  • 2 cups uncooked rice £0.50
  • A few lines of sriracha £0.30
  • Soy sauce to taste £0.20
  • Optional - cucumber, lao gan ma, fresh garlic, sugar, salt £1 to make cucumber salad, recipe at the bottom here, or salted duck eggs/century eggs 
First off the roasted spatchcocked chicken:
  • Preheat the oven to around 220 degrees C, then lay the chicken on the cutting board, breast side down, and in theory use kitchen shears to cut out the backbone (I use normal scissors and pull it apart as well). 
  • Optional: Parboil the potatoes for a few minutes if you'd like, I don't bother, you can peel the potatoes and put the scraps into the stock pot too but I leave the skin on. 
  • Put the backbone into a large stock pot - this will be for the congee. Open the chicken like a book then flip it over, and press down in the middle of the breasts with your hands to crack the bone and flatten it out. I don't care too much about this bit as long as the legs/wings are facing outwards. 
  • Wash then chop up the potatoes and parsnips, as many as will fit in the oven tray, arrange them on the tray. Place the spatchcocked chicken on top of the potatoes etc. in the middle of the tray, then with a pinch of salt at a time, rub salt over the skin, and also between the skin and the breasts. 
  • Sprinkle a little more salt over the potatoes and then toss the potatoes that aren't covered by chicken with the olive oil. 
  • Roast for about 45 mins, in theory you should turn over the potatoes and pour some of the juices back over the chicken but I don't bother. 

Roast dinner (2 meals): 
Peel the skin off the chicken and eat it, or don't. I have 1 chicken leg, 1 wing and some potatoes and stuff for a meal, 

Wraps (2 meals):
The chicken breasts should come off easily with your fingers/a knife or fork once the chicken has cooled a bit, chop up the breasts and eat with a sauce of your choice + some cheese or veggies etc. in tortillas. I pull off all the meat from the carcass with my fingers, put the good meat into a box for more wraps or something else, and the less nice things with veins or whatever into a box to go in my congee later. 

Congee (6 meals): 
Once the meat is all off the carcass, put all the bones into your stock pot. I usually put this into the fridge and make the congee the next day instead. Full congee recipe can be found here
  • Put a load of water into the pot with the scraps/bones - this is more than 1 litre for me, Bring to the boil at high heat, then simmer for 2 hours.
  • Use a sieve or something to separate the bones from the stock.
  • Wash rice then add the rice to the stock, bring to the boil on high heat then leave on a low simmer (2-3 on my 1-9 hob). Add peeled and finely chopped ginger. 
  • Simmer for 2+ hours, then leave to cool. Store in the fridge for up to 5 days.