Festival, camping and other not home frugal cooking ideas

These are basically for if you potentially have access to a hob, or some sort of camping burner, but don't have full preparation things and may not have access to a proper fridge, its ideal but not mandatory to have a cooler unless.

1. Soup and bread rolls Buy some tins of soup (in the UK you can get 1 tin for maybe £0.30, so 1 tin each for maybe £2), and some bread rolls or a loaf of bread, I can get 4 batons of tiger, cheese topped, seeded or plain soft rolls (400g each) for £1, for most people a tin of soup and a baton (maybe some cheese/pepper too?) is enough for a meal, so thats one meal sorted for 4 people for £3ish. I get basic tomato soup and add some chilli powder and its amazing. If your budget isn't super strict you could consider buying something like this and taking the ingredients to go with it but this is more expensive.

2. Hard boiled eggs are good for anything Before you leave, hard boil/steam some eggs (I do it like number 6 here, they go for £0.07 each in the UK, so you can take 20 eggs for <£1.5, these will be happy enough in your cooler, take some cheese/salad cream/mayo/wraps and that's a few easy meals.

3. Instant noodles/ramen variations You could also do ramen, I buy whatever the cheapest instant noodle is (£0.20), bring lots of water to the boil, add soy sauce, chilli sauce, mustard, garlic powder then chuck the instant noodle and flavour packet in, sometimes add an extra chicken stock cube (I know, salty), and then add a few eggs, or use ready boiled ones, so that's around £0.030 per person, if they're happy eating that.

4. Zhou or congee This is really cheap and incredibly easy to make, make up a big pot at home (1 cup of rice boiled in an excess of water until it breaks down, maybe 1-2 hours), put this in a big tupperware box that seals well, then reheat with the pan when you're out there, this can be made with chicken/ribs or whatever in to give it flavour, or you can put 1-2 boiled eggs (peeled) in a bowl, add soy sauce/chilli sauce, cut the eggs up and mix with the sauce then eat with congee. See more congee recipes here. You can also marinate some cucumber which is delicious with congee.

5. Bacon cheddar and spinach swirls Make some delicious pastry things in advance and eat them cold as snacks, a tray of around 18 costs me maybe £2 to make.

6. Sandwiches They are boring but easy, I'd do PB&J just for ease, you can take salami/hard cheese as they are happy enough out of the fridge.

7. Various types of pasta. Make a batch of pasta at home, you could put it in pesto or sauce of your choice then reheat when you're out there. Make sure it is in a well sealed container so it doesn't go dry, cold pasta on its own can be refreshed by rinsing in cold water or chucking in a pan with boiling water for a little while.

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