Ways to save up for baby

Raising a baby isn't easy, and the financial strains are certainly something to think about as well, whether you're expecting or already received your little bundle of joy, here are some of the best and most surprising ways to save up for your baby.

Before your baby is born
  • If you aren't pregnant yet, don't buy too many tests, if you are buying the more expensive ones do not buy more than 3 to keep on hand as you will probably end up with a bin full of them. I bought these test strips as they are much cheaper and do the same thing without the fancy outer shell. UK link.
  • Look on freecycle, freegle or gumtree, there are lots of parents giving away, or selling cheaply their gently used baby gear and clothes. 
  • Avoid buying a lot of starter diapers/nappies, ideally start with only one pack of newborn diapers as the baby may not even fit into them at the start, and they will grow fast! You could also consider cloth diapers with adjustable snaps that can fit babies and toddlers so you don't need to keep buying new sizes. If you're in the UK these are great.
  • Start looking early for good deals and get convertible items like car seats and strollers that can grow with baby. 
  • Baby proof your home in advance - preparing your home to prevent accidents can prevent some medical costs if you don't have the NHS, and stress.
  • Check out the clearance rack, you can get some of baby's future wardrobe for a low price as they will grow fast!
  • Sign up for Amazon's Baby Registry, you can add so many different items from any site, get free 90 day returns on most items, and manage your registry on any device, wherever and whenever you want. On completion you will get 10% off across Amazon.com, if you sign up for a free trial of Amazon Prime you will get 15% off. This way you can also prevent being given too many things you don't need. UK link
  • Prime Members/people with a Prime Trial will also get 20% off Diaper Subscriptions, a Free Welcome Box and many different limited time offers, including things like 25% off baby apparel, money back on a luxury beauty purchase and 25% off a maternity purchase. 
  • Buy a belly band, these will help you save by keeping you in your pre-pregnancy clothes for longer. UK Belly band
Tips for after the birth
  • If you can, breastfeed for as long as possible, as the cost of formula adds up. 
  • If you are formula feeding, ask for samples - the hospital will often give samples and you can ask for samples each time you visit the pediatrician. 
  • Ask your family to babysit, whether it is parents, cousins or your MIL, family can often be your most valuable childcare resource.
  • Buy in bulk for the things you will need a lot of e.g. diapers and formula, if you have the storage space, stocking up will help you save
  • Don't buy fancy toys, baby will be happy with smaller price tags, you don't need to buy the designer toys.
  • Make your own baby food, when baby starts eating solids you can put cooked veggies in the blender with some liquid, these can be saved in ice trays or small pots. Otherwise you can just mash up things like a ripe banana, or some steamed veg. 
  • Avoid buying a lot of shoes. When baby isn't walking yet, socks will be enough to keep their little toes warm through most of the year. Baby shoes are expensive and they grow out of them so fast!
  • Make your own baby wipes Cut a roll of kitchen towels down the middle straight through the tube, put 2 tbsp baby oil, 2 tbsp baby soap and 2.5 cups of warm water into a baking tray, mix and then put one half of the roll of towels in there, let it soak in, flip it over until it is soaked all the way through then take them off the tube and put them into a plastic box. 
  • Buy unisex shades and styles. If you buy them all very frilly and girly they may not be very usable if your next child is a boy and you need them as hand-me-downs.